Is UNE-L finally going away?

It’s been nearly a quarter century since the Telecommunications act of 1996 became the law of the land. Looking back, my 56 Kbps dial-up modem and Nokia 5120 cell phone feel, well, dated. Back then, going on the internet meant tying-up my landline (remember those?) to download email messages on Eudora (remember Eudora?) and using the Lycos search engine on my Mosaic browser to search the nascent world wide web.

Data Integrity Project finds $12M in Annual Savings

Due to the size and complexity of nationwide telecom networks, it is not uncommon for carriers to pay for facilities or legacy equipment they are no longer using.  Data integrity is the foundation of the network; therefore, regular validation of data integrity and billing reconciliation is key to solving billing discrepancies as business processes change, … Read more

The Cost of Bad Data $15 Billion Per year

Carriers are losing $15 billion per year due to unplanned network downtime and increased mean time to repair (MTTR) caused by inaccurate data. These challenges have taken their toll, as evidenced in recent years by high-profile outages and service degradations affecting some of the world’s largest networks. In addition to aggravating and alienating subscribers, these … Read more

Get ahead of the curve

It’s a fast paced world so, how do you get ahead of the curve? We think there are four key ingredients: Data integrity across systems. Motivated, experienced engineering team for design and provisioning. An accountable, focused, performance driven team that operates at 6X the productivity. Keep existing teams focused on core projects so there’s no … Read more

Never Settle

Have you experieneced… Sales taking an order for a circuit that cannot be provisioned? Paying for a circuit that is not getting billed or that the customer has cancelled? Customers cancelling orders because a busy CFA required a re-design and delayed turn up? Reworking a design resulting in higher cost and lower profit for an … Read more