Have you experienced...

  • Sales taking an order for a circuit that cannot be provisioned
  • Paying for a circuit that is not getting billed or that the customer has cancelled
  • Customers cancelling orders because a busy CFA required a re-design and delayed turn up
  • Reworking a design resulting in higher cost and lower profit for an order
  • Ordering more infrastructure because you could not identify available capacity
  • Engineers leaving disconnects uncompleted because your new order volume was so high
  • Abandoning a network optimization because the audit information was out of date
  • Not being able to achieve a cost reduction target on time

If so, then you have experienced the despair and frustration of poor data integrity, the helplessness of being understaffed, and the stress of losing money.

What if you had an experienced, high performing team that you could rely on at anytime to deliver your network projects on time, at a lower cost, and without disruption to other priorities?

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