The Summer Slump

A unique opportunity to get ahead of the game The familiar communications service provider business cycle has a comforting effect. It starts with January aspirational targets, breezes past mid-year adjustments in May, through budget exercises in October and culminates in December moratoriums. A historic part of this rhythm are the summer doldrums in July and … Read more

UNE-L, the End of an Era

Looming deadlines for B2B communications service providers There’s something about great rivalries that draws our attention and forces us to watch. In the words of philosopher, poet and FCC chairman Ajit Pai, “some long-running disputes are legendary, such as the feud between the Hatfields and McCoys, the rivalry between Alabama and Auburn, and the divide … Read more

INCOMPAS Panel Spotlight

Successful Network Technology Migrations: Axcent Networks’ David Wuensch Shines a Spotlight on the Importance of Planning In the pursuit of the most advanced and capable business processes, enterprises must often embark on technology and network migration journeys. To increase competitive advantages, offer better value to clients and achieve greater efficiencies and abilities, these technology migrations … Read more

Axcent Networks to Host Panel on Keys to Successful Network Technology Migration

Today, next-generation network services are rapidly expanding as demand comes from almost every enterprise, service provider, and organization, scaling to multiple gigabits per second speeds.  Technology migration is a significant opportunity for network operators who are rapidly evolving their network technology to improve upon the speed, reliability, capacity, and security of their legacy networks.  Axcent … Read more