The Cost of Bad Data $15 Billion Per year

Carriers are losing $15 billion per year due to unplanned network downtime and increased mean time to repair (MTTR) caused by inaccurate data. These challenges have taken their toll, as evidenced in recent years by high-profile outages and service degradations affecting some of the world’s largest networks. In addition to aggravating and alienating subscribers, these network issues cost the world’s mobile operators an average of 1.5% of their annual revenues, or around $15 billion each year.

Given that most unplanned network outages occur without warning, the key to minimizing the costs and consequences to your business is to minimize MTTR before something happens. Ensuring proper data integrity in your network can drastically improve your ability to restore service quickly.

In the case of any outage or catastrophic event, regardless of the cause, poor data integrity only prolongs the outage and complicates your ability to restore service. Without accurate data integrity, crews trying to restore services are severely hampered in an outage situation. Personnel are unable to troubleshoot the problem if they don’t know where the circuits are located and how they’re connected.

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Benefit from an agile team of data integrity experts
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