The Summer Slump

A unique opportunity to get ahead of the game The familiar communications service provider business cycle has a comforting effect. It starts with January aspirational targets, breezes past mid-year adjustments in May, through budget exercises in October and culminates in December moratoriums. A historic part of this rhythm are the summer doldrums in July and … Read more

UNE-L, the End of an Era

Looming deadlines for B2B communications service providers There’s something about great rivalries that draws our attention and forces us to watch. In the words of philosopher, poet and FCC chairman Ajit Pai, “some long-running disputes are legendary, such as the feud between the Hatfields and McCoys, the rivalry between Alabama and Auburn, and the divide … Read more

Cracks in the Foundation

Connectivity infrastructure is key to service providers’ next-gen services strategy SD-WAN, SASE, UCaaS and Video Collaboration are among the services Communications Service Providers are banking on to grow revenues and increase margins. They promise to improve the customer experience, expand addressable market, lower costs and solve world hunger. We may have made this last one … Read more

Digitalization and Automation (Data Integrity)

In the quest to accelerate growth and become ever more efficient, businesses and communications service providers of all sizes are plowing ahead with three related (but distinct) sets of initiatives that together get lumped into the most overused (and perhaps misunderstood) buzzwords: Digital Transformation – it’s so over-used, you’d think marketing agencies had a quota … Read more

The Mobility Gold Rush

The growth in wireless bandwidth consumption fueling 5G deployments and small cells is simultaneously fueling the rapid growth in the wireline fiber connectivity business. When it comes to wireless communications, there is fiber at the end of the rainbow. The reason for this fiber rush is relatively straightforward. When bits traverse the airwaves – be … Read more

Is UNE-L finally going away?

It’s been nearly a quarter century since the Telecommunications act of 1996 became the law of the land. Looking back, my 56 Kbps dial-up modem and Nokia 5120 cell phone feel, well, dated. Back then, going on the internet meant tying-up my landline (remember those?) to download email messages on Eudora (remember Eudora?) and using the Lycos search engine on my Mosaic browser to search the nascent world wide web.

The Hidden Costs of Data Integrity Gaps

Some of the most devastating issues that telecommunications carriers encounter today are results of poor data integrity. Simply put, data integrity measures the overall accuracy, completeness, and consistency of data. In an industry that is constantly growing and innovating, data integrity can seem dry and many companies fail to understand its vast importance as a … Read more

Are You Sitting on IPv4 Address Gold?

The exhaustion of IPV4 address space has been a problem on the horizon since the 1980s, and in 2022 it’s clear that IPv4 addresses are a precious resource. With the emergence of new service providers and the exponential growth of devices, it’s only gotten worse. The run-out on IPv4 addresses is creating a lot of … Read more