CASE STUDY: Could you use another $50M in annual savings this year?

For most telecommunication carriers migrating from legacy network elements to newer platforms and infrastructure the move is filled with promise and potential. In addition to the network expense savings the new platform provides scalability, flexibility, reliability, improved performance and disaster recovery, simpler, and faster deployment — what’s not to like? As with most things, managing … Read more

Cost Savings Create Value

Due to the size and complexity of today’s telecom networks, it is not uncommon for carriers to pay for facilities or legacy equipment they are no longer using. Data integrity is the foundation of the network; regular validation of data integrity and billing reconciliation is key to solving billing discrepancies as business processes change, or … Read more

Your Goals + Our Resources = Maximum Return

Whether you need to: Optimize monthly recurring costs Optimize network capacity Integrate network systems Build out new network and services Decommission networks Accurate consolidated data Knowledgeable, experienced engineers Available proven management and oversight What if you had access to: An experienced, high-performing team to accelerate projects, compliment your core team, and confidently deliver on objectives? … Read more

Only pay for what you use

Problem: A carrier needed to groom their network by identifying and preparing for lower mileage services. Axcent services used: Network Analysts researched and vetted opportunities nationwide. Axcent completed circuit design updates for identified opportunities. Results: Team vetted 3677 circuits to be groomed in a six-month period. Netted the carrier $8.4M in annualized MRC savings.