Are You Sitting on IPv4 Address Gold?

The exhaustion of IPV4 address space has been a problem on the horizon since the 1980s, and in 2022 it’s clear that IPv4 addresses are a precious resource. With the emergence of new service providers and the exponential growth of devices, it’s only gotten worse. The run-out on IPv4 addresses is creating a lot of problems for service providers that are growing and expanding as they look to add new users. The challenge is, once you run out the only way to get more is by going through brokers and there’s a big waiting list.

The good news is when it comes to IPv4 depletion is some addresses can be reclaimed by examining some key processes including:

  • Customer activation processes that require static address assignments.
  • Disconnect processes that may be manual or that do not reclaim logical resources like IP addresses when the disconnect event occurs.
  • Aging accounts or oversized accounts that have IP allocations that are larger than they need or do not use the space they are allocated.

At Axcent, we’ve been helping service providers increase margin and optimize their operations. We can work with you to identify if there is an opportunity for IP address reclamation in any of your provisioning processes. Our experienced teams can also do the work of auditing and reclamation of precious address space. Our proven data mining and audit process provide the transparency needed through comprehensive and timely reporting on any currently untracked IP address resources. As your teams work to accelerate revenue growth and activate customers, let our team assist you and find that IPv4 address gold in your network.

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Benefit from an agile team of data integrity experts
to accelerate your network objectives.

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